A “Lil Positivity”: Alicia Keys Wants To Shut Down Little Baby Egypt’s Christmas To Make Him A Better Toddler

- By Bossip Staff

Well, isn’t this precious.

He may have had Ralph Lauren crib shoes, but Alicia Keys refuses to let her kid to be some spoiled little brat.

In fact, she’s been training him to be better since he was even officially here.

“For him to be able to see what happens in the world and be able to see different cultures and people and happenings — I think it opens your mind wide up,” says Keys, 30, who has included her son in her philanthropic work long before he was born.

“While I was [in Africa] shooting [a documentary for World AIDS Day], I was pregnant. It was so powerful being there … I thought to myself, ‘Wow, here he is experiencing this and he’s not even here yet,’” she recalls.

The songstress hopes Egypt will, one day, find his own cause to support.

“I think as a compassionate person, which I really want to teach him to be, you naturally want to lend and be a part of change,” Keys explains. “I know that naturally he’ll find the thing that he’s passionate about and wants to change.”

Unfortunately, she and Swizzy didn’t properly communicate the memo that they weren’t raising a little rich kid to their friends and family.

“His birthday came [last month] and there are like a hundred, billion, trillion thousand gifts,” she laughs. “That can’t happen for Christmas. I need to figure this out now because he’s not going to be this terror 5-year-old child [shouting], ‘Give me!’”

SMH, that kid is gonna be so “grounded,” that he’ll be in rehab and therapy before he’s out of high school.


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  • http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/alexandria 228Girl

    I am SO glad y’all said that! Oh well, to each their own.

  • Leeches

    It is nice to read a successful married Black couple raising their child to contribute in a positive matter.

    As we all know, the majority of Blacks are uneducated, lazy, unemployed, prejudice and leeches. Not to mention murders, robbers and negative.

  • Say what

    Leeches, you have described yourself so well, too all african americans this is why she is teaching her son to be open minded, and see the world for what it is, because of immature, cowardly people like this, we see leeches is was not raised right, change your ways before it is too late

  • lalaland

    Cute kid

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