Dude, Where Is My Barber: Bugs Monkey Is STILL Rocking That Cornrow Starter Kit

- By Bossip Staff

Here is 50 Cent doing his best impression of a rehabilitated thug, looking like he’s on his way to his first church service since getting off Rikers Island.

Are we the only ones NOT feeling this bullisht???


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  • Somebodynice

    Definition of a hater is depicted by whomever wrote this! The man is an actor which requires different looks. I’m more interested in the paycheck he getting for the role then his look hater!

  • Yes

    Bugs (monkey )really what kind of ignorant site is this, so he has cornrows, it’s his head and up to him what’s on it. So you call him monkey. If this is a black site then you are self hating fools. This is the kind of language expected from tmz.

  • Muffy

    Would u say it to his face?

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