Nicki Minaj Accused Of Copying Lil Kim In Willow Smith’s Video

- By Bossip Staff

Nicki Minaj is being accused of copying Lil Kim once again. This time fans of The Queen Bee have been taking to message boards and social networks to blast Minaj for her latest look as debuted on set of Willow Smith’s new video. In it, Nicki dons a skirt made entirely of stuffed animals, one Kim fans says the pint sized emcee wore first. To prove their point, fans have put together side by side pictures of the outfit in question. In September, Kim fans accused Minaj of swaggerjacking an Asian inspired outfit that included chopsticks and a kimono that Kim wore to a gay pride event in NY. (Continue…)

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  • nicki garbage

    What do you expect from that clown, she hasn’t done anything original. Anyone with eyes including nicki, knows she’s a knock off Lil Kim. Make your money while you can, gimmicks only go so far. Her music is horrible, only tone deaf kids, and punks listen to her garbage. She needs to get her own style.

  • AP

    This is so dumb. I’m pretty sure Nicki and her team don’t go on a mission to study everything Lil Kim has done and then try to copy it. They both are quirky and wacky so there’s bound to be some crossover. Kim came first so she had the opportunity to do it first. There is nothing new under the sun so ppl are bound to have some things alike. She’s just expressing herself and trying to have fun. It looks like something someone else did? So bih. Let that woman live her life

  • lovingyounickigarbage

    Ctfuuuuuu, I don’t have to say a word cause nicki garbage said it all!

  • sigh

    I’m sorry…is Lil’ Kim still relevant?

  • JustSayin

    If yall can get on Bey for doing it then you might as well get on Nicki too.

  • AndWhat

    She sampled not so much swagga jacked nicki still better and Kim is outta work doesn’t change how I feel about nicki

  • givmeabrek

    DUH….it’s called HIP-HOP who hasn’t in HIP-HOP sampled from some otha artist may it b lyrics, style or appearances…..bsides Lil Kim had her run she needs to sit down and let the new generation move HIP-HOP to the next level.

  • Aqua_Fresh

    Lil kim is played out . And can’t ever come back . Why is she still messin wit nicki ? Dumb move .

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