Ho Sit Down: Nene Leakes Says Every Season She Asks Herself “Why Did I Do This Again?”

- By Bossip Staff

SMH… This attention sloring broad Nene can’t be serious. She knows good and damn well why she does it.

Here’s the latest on RHOA’s “breakout star” from Star Magazine:

The last time we saw NeNe Leakes, she had an epic feud with Star Jones on The Celebrity Apprentice and eventually stormed off the show, much to The Donald’s chagrin. Now she’s back for a new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and NeNe is positive that the girls are jealous of her crossover fame. “They don’t have anything positive to say, of course,” NeNe tells Star. “Coming back was a funny feeling. I guess every other girl kind of feels like, ‘Why her? Why not me?’ ”

That awkwardness is at the heart of the season’s first big blowout, when her onetime friend, castmate Sheree Whitfield, accuses NeNe of going behind her back to steal a job. “It was all just petty,” NeNe explains. “I walked into that situation not wanting it to blow up, but it did.” That’s an understatement, as a chat over a glass of wine quickly turns into a screaming match on the sidewalk!

This season won’t just feature the girls clawing one another’s eyes out. In one of the highlights, the gang (minus a pregnant Kim) takes a trip to South Africa together. “It’s a long-ass flight, but it’s beautiful!” says NeNe. “The moment I landed, I was like, why the hell am I here with y’all? It would be great if I came here with people I really liked.”

Considering how much the other girls get under her skin, it’s no surprise that the Housewives’ breakout star has to brace herself for a new season to start. “It’s a lot,” NeNe explains. “We shoot it, then it airs and we have to see it, and after that we have to go to the reunion and relive it again. After every one I’m like, ‘Why did I do this again?’”

SMH… On the one hand we want to give her kudos for keeping it real (unlike most shows) and admitting she don’t luh them hoes but let’s be honest. Nene needs a Ho Sit Down.

She needs to stop fronting like spending a few hours in front of the cameras acting like a beyatch is some kind of hard work.

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