Holly Robinson Peete Puts Kimmy Cakes On Blast: “She Used Kris Humphries”

- By Bossip Staff

Holly Robinson Peete took the time out of her busy schedule to comment on Kimmy Cakes and her 72-day marriage:

Holly who’s been married for 16 years to former NFL star Rodney Peete says she doesn’t have one ounce of pity for the reality star who she says is all about money and ratings. “It’s not going to ruin her brand. It’s going to be good for her brand. No one is thinking of her as this love-struck puppy. No one ever thought of that. They just wanted to see a wedding and they watched. The conversation that, well, America is upset with her, because she has no respect for the covenant of marriage is silly.

This is all about money, and fame, and all those things. This is her brand. I think it’s going to be totally fine. It’s the next chapter. It’s now who’s she going to date next.” She says she recently hung out with some basketball stars who like her only felt pity for Kris.

“That’s all those guys can talk about and the gist of it was they just felt so sorry for him, because they know he just got so caught up in stuff. And I just feel bad that no one’s talking about him, I really do. I feel terrible for that boy. They were saying that when you’re known for marrying someone who has an “amateur” tape out, that was all they can talk about, and how that isn’t cool right there.”

She continued, “I feel terrible for that boy. I think he really loves her and he’s young and he’s not used to that type of world. I think he got used, I really do.”

Do you agree with Holly??


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  • juliekisses

    Hell yea she used him, I hope no one ever gives her the time of the day when it comes to love

  • AAA

    Hell yea she used him, but he used her too. They both got what they deserved. He didn’t even know enough about her to marry her. He just felt how desperate she was to get married so he asked her. She wanted to be so much like Khloe so she said yes. Two wrongs that didn’t make a right! I have no pity for him or her. He went from being a nobody to a household name, so in the end I guess you can say he’s WINNING!


    Definitely she is right on the money couldn’t have said it in a NICER way myself 😉

  • notakimkardashianfan

    She is a black widow #nuffsaid

  • both guilty

    Everyone is talking about Kim but Kris is just as guilty. No one can tell me that he’s this love-struck innocent guy who just got caught up. There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t know how famous Kim is and how much media attention she gets. He saw her beauty and fame and wanted to brand himself. They’re both guilty of marrying for the wrong reasons.

  • lalaland

    Everyone is talking about Kim but kris used her too. They’re both equally guilty of marrying for the wrong reasons. No sympathy for either of them.

  • http://yahoo buns

    @both guilty if Kris was fame hungry he would’ve been talking to the media after the breakup but he went underground so how do u explain that

  • both guilty

    @buns you can be sure that both Kim and kris were counseled not to say too much about why the marriage ended. even in that statement Kim made she didn’t say why the actual marriage ended. Believe me, once their new show airs, Kris will be airing all their dirty laundry to the highest bidder. It’s all business.

  • Ashley

    I agree with some parts of what Holly is saying. But I think they both was in on it. Kris got fame and Kim becomes richer. It was the plan from the get go.

  • me

    Kim k is a loser for doing this.

  • islandgirl

    yesssss i totally agreee kim is a hoeeeee

  • givmeabrek

    Holly hit it right on the nose Kim used Kris and now it’s all bout her brand and how much money she is gonna make bhind he scandalous ways.

  • Kris

    Feel sorry for him? Girl, please. He knew exactly what he was getting into.

  • MW

    The natural order of things has a special way of sorting things out as they should 😉

  • I'm Ready

    Well it’s not like she’s lying

  • http://thecouturemedia.com/blog/2011/11/holly-robinson-peete-yes-from-21-jump-street-kim-kardashian-used-kris-humphries/ Holly Robinson-Peete (Yes, From 21 Jump Street): Kim Kardashian Used Kris Humphries | Blog Couture |

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