Random Ridiculousness: Inmate Serving Life In Prison For Sexual Battery On A Child Files Lawsuit Against Florida Jail For Feeding Him Too Much Soy

- By Bossip Staff

Once again, another story coming from the Sunshine State!

An inmate in Lake County claims the food in prison is so bad that he considers it cruel and unusual punishment. Eric Harris, 34, filed a lawsuit against the state, claiming the amount of soy in prison meals is higher than the amount recommended by the FDA. Harris is serving life in prison for sexual battery on a child. He claims the soy-laden meals are causing gastrointestinal cramping and threatening the health of his thyroid and immune system.

“Then don’t eat that,” said Taxpayer Loretta Yeager. “Can’t they have something else to eat, substitutes? They have other vegetables and other things. Don’t eat it.” Gretl Plessinger, a spokesperson for Florida’s Department of Corrections said inmates are given a meat mix of 50 percent poultry and 50 percent soy. She said they are also always given an alternative choice that includes sources of protein such as beans or peanut butter.

“We use soy products because they are healthy number one, and they are less expensive than the alternative,” Plessinger added. Taxpayers in the state of Florida pay around $47 million to feed prisoners. Plessinger said if the Department of Corrections cut out all the soy it would easily double that cost.

The Weston A. Price Foundation, a group that calls itself a leading voice on the dangers of soy, is offering some support to Harris. Foundation President Sally Fallon Morell said, “Even the most ardent supporters of soy admit that one should not eat more than 25g of soy protein per day, but the men in prisons are getting far more than that.” “We’re paying taxes for these people to house them so they can sleep and eat and probably get medical care too,” she said. “So no, I have no sympathy at all.”

Florida prisons switched to the soy and meat mix in 2009 to cut costs. The state now spends around $1.70 a day to feed each prisoner. The prisoners eat around 2,700 calories a day.

This guy is doing life in prison for sexually abusing a child….sorry no sympathy for you,homeboy!! Suck it up and eat that soy!!


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