Gut Full Of Roadkill??? Ewwwww! British Lady Says Since She’s Been Knocked Up She Can’t Stop Eating “Street Food”

- By Bossip Staff

We’ve heard of strange pregnancy cravings, but this one is truly disgusting. A knocked up British taxidermist has been giving into her craving for ROADKILL!

Professional artist Alison Brierley says she has recently experienced an overpowering urge to eat the meat from dead animals found on a roadside instead of her usual habit of making jewelry using their hides.

“Usually, I eat really healthily, but now I’m pregnant I get strong cravings for roadkill,” she told the Daily Mail.

“It’s more gamey than other meat and I love the taste.”

Brierley, 42, from North Yorkshire, is expecting a baby boy in February with her partner, Marcus Speer, 44.

She admits to having eaten roadkill before, but says her urges have becoming much more intense since expecting a child.

“I’m craving junk food, which is really unlike me and I am eating a lot more roadkill and red meat in general,” she explained.

“It’s probably because I need all the natural iron I can get at the moment, what with all these extra red blood cells I am making.”

“I also don’t have to feel guilty about eating [roadkill] because I know it’s had a completely free range and natural life,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Because I’m pregnant, I’ve been extra careful when handling the carcasses and I always wear gloves. I don’t want to risk any infections that could hurt the baby.”

Brierley first got the idea of eating roadkill when she drove past a “perfectly good pheasant” and thought it would make a nice homecooked meal.

“I took it home and marinated it in olive oil for four days before I made a kind of Kentucky fried pheasant dish,” she said.

“I’ve also tried hare, deer, pigeon, rabbit, owls and partridges, but pheasant is still the staple because it’s so common.

“I would like to try fox and badger, but they’re never in good enough condition to eat; although I have used them for my artwork.”

Brierley has also hosted roadkill dinner parties for her friends, who she claims love her eclectic menu.

Sometimes she gets calls from a pal telling her they’ve just seen a fresh carcass by the side of the road on their way to work.

But mostly she finds her meat by chance as she drives around near her home.

“One of the big reasons for being public about this is that I want to raise awareness about where food actually comes from,” the mom-to-be said.

“Some people are so blasé about picking their food off a supermarket shelf without giving a thought to how it lived or how it was killed.”

Is she really criticizing people for eating food bought at the grocery store??? Itchbay Please! Ho Sit Down.


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