These Broads Are Busted!!! Another One Of Herman “Big Daddy” Cain’s Sexual Harassment “Victims” Steps Out The Shadows

- By Bossip Staff

And we wish she’d step back in it! We thought Tiger’s hoes were bad but the women who’ve come forward thus far to say Herman “Big Daddy” Cain sexually harassed them have been embarrassment for more than just their claims.

Just a day after Sharon Bialek held a press conference where she claimed Cain attempted to grope her, the identity of one of Cain’s other alleged victims has been revealed.

According to ABCNews reports:

Hours after being publicly identified as one of several women to accuse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment, civil servant Karen Kraushaar told ABC News that Cain could be described as a “monster.”

Kraushaar said overnight she had attempted to dodge the media spotlight because she feared retaliation from Cain supporters. Her identity was revealed Tuesday and she has since hired a security team to guard her home outside Washington, D.C.

Last week, Kraushaar’s attorney Joel Bennett said his client had reported a “series” of incidents involving Cain when she worked in the communications department of the National Restaurant Association and where Cain served as CEO in the late 1990s. She now works as a spokesperson for the Inspector General at the Internal Revenue Service. Bennett said his client had “preferred” not to be identified but did not want to try to “control the media.”

Bennett said he did not want to characterize “what was physical and what was verbal,” but that Cain’s behavior “qualified as sexual harassment in our opinion.” “Mr. Cain knows the specifics,” he said. Kraushaar left the NRA after receiving a reported $45,000 settlement.

Cain, however, has strongly denied any wrongdoing with Kraushaar or any of the other three woman who have accused him of misconduct.

“They were found to be baseless and she could not find anyone to corroborate her story,” Cain said of Kraushaar’s claims Tuesday.

When dismissing the claims of Sharon Bialek, who also worked for the NRA and who said she was sexually assaulted by Cain 14 years ago, Cain said he did not remember never even meeting her.

“My first response in my mind and reaction was, ‘I don’t even know who this woman is,'” he said.

Instead, Cain said the entire purported scandal was the work of the “Democrat machine” out to smear his integrity.

“I have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period,” said Cain. “The charges and the accusations I absolutely reject: They simply didn’t happen. They simply did not happen.”

Since her identity was revealed, Kraushaar said she wanted to appear at a joint press conference with Bialek and two other unidentified accusers. Bialek’s attorney, Gloria Allred, said that Bialek would agree to participate in such a conference, according to Bennett.

Really Herm? We hope you didn’t even go there with these broads.

And it’s looking like both of them may be super shady anyway. The Sharon Bialek character has been described as someone always looking for a handout and it turns out that Herman Cain isn’t the only one Karen Kraushaar has tried to get a come up off.

Three years after getting that $45,000 settlement from the National Restaurant Association she tried filing a complaint at her next gig.

Keep reading for the details.

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