Shook Ones: Chelly-O Says “Being Married To The President Is Scary”

- By Bossip Staff

Real spit, Chelly-O says presidential matrimony-dom has her shook sometimes. But it’s mostly because being married to a boss such as Obama means often pushing herself beyond her comfort zone.

Michelle Obama told high school students that being married to the president can be scary because her husband pushes the family ‘beyond our comfort zones’.

The first lady encouraged her audience from schools in Maryland, Washington and Virginia not to be guided by fear, after one pupil admitted to being nervous about going to college.

‘I mean this is scary,’ she said, in a speech at Georgetown University in Washington.

‘Shoot, being married to Barack Obama? He’s got big plans. He’s always pushing us beyond our comfort zones, and I’m dragged along going, “What’s he doing now? No, not this.”‘

She told the group of about 50 young people that she had been concerned about going from a public school in Chicago to college at Princeton.

She had worried about whether she’d be able to compete with classmates who were wealthier and had gone to some of the best schools in the world.

But she said that her willingness to work hard saw her through.

‘One of my strengths was that I had a big mouth, and I liked to talk a lot,’ she said, adding that she now tells her own daughters not to be afraid to speak up.

She said that her advice for college students was to not procrastinate, to ask for help and to avoid getting into credit card debt.

‘So in college, buy what you can afford – which for most college students is nothing,’ she said.
The schoolchildren visited classes and toured the Georgetown campus before spending about an hour with the first lady.

Forget credit cards. What them kids need to be scared of is student loans. Sallie Mae is the damn devil. SMH. Chelly-O can you get your hubby to pass that loan forgiveness. With a quickness please? Won’t be no Santy Clause round these parts if we can’t get ol’ Sallie off our backs. SMH.


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