For Discussion: Which Other Celebrities Would Make You Boycott A Tyler Perry Movie?

- By Bossip Staff

People are up in arms over Tyler Perry casting Kimmy Cakes in his latest movie. They’re so angry that they might boycott!

Perry, though, insists that he’s still going forward with his movie despite the boycott threats. He’ll just slap on his fake boobs and say “Hallelujer” and nobody will remember they were going to boycott. However, we wonder just how far Perry can go.

Which of these celebrities would be the last straw for you? Which one of these celebrities would make you say, “I’m not going to see this Tyler Perry flick”? Let’s find out. As always, sound off!

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  • Rhonda

    I don’t think it should be boycotted. not the first person to make a mistake and won’t be the last. black or white. I would not think much of him if he took her out.

  • Tracey Newton

    Sorry to say this is not a black or white issue. This is not only about Kim Kardashian it is about that whole family and their gross values and how Kris Kardashian oh I mean JENNER is teaching the young adults some horrible values. She is just the madem of these so called ladies and the 3 youngest should be removed from that home and Bruce well he should just put on a dress. NO VALUES, PIERS = KARDASHIAN

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