Tweet Of The Day: Rihanna Responds To Pregnancy Rumors And Allegations Of Heaux Isht With Pure Comedy

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna‘s Twitter recklessness is so amazingly entertaining.

Yesterday, word on these interwebs was that the “exhaustion” that kept Rih Rih from giving her all to the people of Scandinavia last week was really a gut full of still-trying-to-get-over-Chris-or-Out-Do-Beyonce. Of course, that ellicited some Twitter chatter, which one non-fan took right to Rihanna’s mentions.

To which Rihanna responded, as only she can,

ROFL Our Collective A$$es Off!

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  • Christielove1468

    LOL@Rihanna’s tweet. She is a mess,LMAO!

  • BlackAnastasia

    Wow.How does it smell Ayana_Shakera?Ha.Ha.

  • bouyant

    Love rih rih, let the haters know girlish!

  • 1luv

    i freakin love her!!

  • Natasha

    Oh man! haha…lool, Riri sure’nuff don’t give a damn! The girl got what she asked for…Leave Rihanna the hell alone, shes living her life, hell why not live yours???? Geesh!

  • givmeabrek

    Can anyone say NIKE, Rhi Rhi checked the isht out that icthbay…..mind your business, I said mind your business….lol

  • Kris

    Aaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha! People forget that celebrities are….people! Why do you think they can’t say anything back when you’re talkin s*@#? I’m not even a Rhi fan like that, but that was hilarious. She was asking for it.

  • Tweet Of The Day: Rihanna Responds To Pregnancy Rumors And Allegations Of Heaux Isht With Pure Comedy | |

    […] Rihanna‘s Twitter recklessness is so amazingly entertaining. […]

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