The Side-Eye: Penn State Sexual Abuse Witness Coach WILL Be On The Sidelines

- By Bossip Staff

So, Joe Paterno is fired and THIS son-of-a-beyotch still has a gig?!?

According to TMZ reports:

The man who witnessed Jerry Sandusky allegedly rape a pre-teen boy in the Penn State locker room in 2002 WILL be allowed to continue as a receivers coach when the team plays Nebraska on Saturday … this according to the new Penn State head coach Tom Bradley.

Bradley was just officially introduced as Joe Paterno’s temporary replacement — and stated, “Right now Mike McQueary will be coaching on Saturday.”

McQueary was a 28-year-old graduate assistant in 2002, when he claims he witnessed Sandusky raping a little boy in the Penn State showers. McQueary reported the incident to Joe Paterno — but never called police.

Paterno — who also did NOT go to the cops — was fired last night for not living up to his moral obligation to the child.

Bradley says he was unsure if McQueary will be coaching from the sidelines or if he will be up in the booth on Saturday.

We just can’t honestly believe that this guy will make it to the game on Saturday. Notice the use of “Right now” in coach Bradley’s statement…

Should McQueary lose his job just like Joe Pa did?

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  • Tia

    Yes, he should have been fired! I do not understand this!

  • Cush33

    Like someone said if Joe goes everybody should go. He reported to campus officials which his job required him to do. The powers that be did nothing. Everyone is who knew about this should be fired. There are many young men who came after the first case and this could have been stopped 20 years ago. But I also think everyone is focusing on people who knew and not saying anything about this child molesting rapist SOB.

  • givmeabrek

    Posted a comment where is it?

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