For Discussion: Is Herman Cain “The Wrong Type Of Black” For People To Like Him As Much As Barack Obama?

- By Bossip Staff

That is one conservative writer’s theory.

In article about how poor “Big Daddy” Cain is being made to look like a villain when he did way less with the broads accusing him of sexual harrassment then Bill Clinton did with all of his side-pieces, Victor David Hanson basically says that Barack Obama speaks too well to be a REAL Black man, and now that liberals have been faced with a real Black man (namely Cain), they are uncomfortable.

Cain also wins greater scrutiny, not exemption, because he is black — or at least a certain sort of black. In addition to his conservatism, his voice, bearing, grammar, and diction, even his showy black cowboy hat, bother liberals in much the same way that Joe Frazier was not Muhammad Ali and Clarence Thomas was not Anita Hill. Black authenticity, as defined by Southern mannerisms and darker complexion, amplified by conservatism or traditionalism, earns liberal unease. Rarely has anyone been so candid in confessing just that unease as were Senators Harry Reid and Joe Biden in their backhanded praise of Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign. I think Reid (“light-skinned,” “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”) and Biden (“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”) both were trying to say at the time that Barack Obama did not look or sound like someone analogous to Herman Cain.

Yet most Americans are far more concerned with authenticity than with color or diction, and Cain is nothing but authentic. His speech and manner are as genuine as Obama’s are forced and often phony. His everyman persona and appeal to the working classes scare the liberal elite, in much the same way that Sarah Palin’s did. If Cain were to say “corpse-man” or “punish our enemies,” he would be written off as an embarrassment — in liberal parlance, a “minstrel” and “buffoon.” But if he said “corpse-man” with an academic non-accent and a Harvard pedigree, well, that’s a momentary, understandable slip for a gaffe-prone Harry Reid or Joe Biden.

SMH at people who reveal their own racism and prejudice while trying so hard to show it exists in others.


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  • rigch

    Isn’t it obvious. Obama isn’t black he is Kenyan and European. Of course he’s more acceptable. Just know if it came down to it Obama wins because there will never be a black president

  • ihateveryonequally

    Cain is just a puppet for the ultra-wealthy!Like the other GOP nominees.

  • Steelcitychick

    He’s just very inarticulate! He come into the game on a negitve vibe! He’s not polished in his political jargin, and he has no clue about getting the economy going again, nor does he have political insite on foreign policies!
    If he come in without all the Obama bashing, and gave us some solid ideas about what he could and would do to bring us back from this economic collaps, he might be more viable as a potential canidate!

  • pcs

    We need to stop defining ourselves by self-hate and the lense of others. Obama is not European and black is black East Coast, West Coast and Worldwide, no matter how you spin it. We also need not fall prey to tired divide and conquer tactics as we are not all the same and to entertain these views will most definitely halt our further progress.

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