Author Of “A Black Girls Guide To Dating White Men” And “Are White Men Better Than Black Men” Talks [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Author, Nicky McElroy, is telling black women to “abandon their race” and not date black men?

Turn the page to see her talk “Are White Men Better Than Black Men.”

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  • Shortcake

    I am seeing more and more black women the best of black women: child free, educated, high income earning and well spoken black women are with non black men. What us going on? Is this a new thing? Why are the ” good” black women with non black men? I am not against IR relationships but I wish the worst black people would leave the welfare baby mamas, the ghetto hoodrats the worst blacks should leave not the best ones!

  • Ms. James

    @Shortcake as a single female educated with no children…alot of our men unfortunately are in jail, gay and are ambitious and some of the rest want to have 4 women at once. I feel there’s a epidemic and our Black men need to understand that as a people you shouldn’t disrespect and degrade us. There following the NEW hip hop lil Wayne who has serval women at the same time. Hip Hop music is the new Crack… Similar to the Crack epidemic it’s breaking down the family values in Black men. I am willing to cross over myself but still love and appreciate a black man.

  • yungplex

    “Hip hop is the new crack” Chile please! White men listen to and buy more rap than black.

  • Shortcake

    @ Ms. James. It’s nothing wrong with expanding your options I did also my husband is Italian. But if more and more of these type of black women leave the black community and seek non black men as partners what will be left of the black community?

  • John Myers

    Affirmative Action gone wrong! There is nothing else we can do for our Black population, they are determined to fail.

  • Previous

    They’re just suggesting we do the same to black men that they have been blatantly and shamelessly doing to us for decades.

  • Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

    BlACK men are GOD,s gift to BLACK women! OUR men are the Best on the planet! PRAY for that BLACK man God has for you!Leave those sorry men for their women! God has blest you with BEST!

  • sugar

    Black men looove white and non black women. Black women should be open to possibilities like black men.

  • sugar

    Yes, SOME black men are the ISH!!! And i do mean the ISH but if a man loves a woman and that woman loves that man then whats wrong with that? they can be fruitful and multiply. No city filled with mixed races will be Destroyed because of it. I KNOW chix that.get upset.when they see a black man with a non black (especially white) woman. My thing is if theyre happy whats it to you? Youre complaining but its not like he was meant to be YOUR husband. Be happy. Dont be a hater.

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