Would You Go See “Girlfriends” The Movie In Theaters???

- By Bossip Staff

Do you think “Girlfriends” has the potential to make the leap from small screen to big the same way “Sex And The City” did?

Supporting cast member Keesha Sharp did an interview with Cherry Martinez about how the show ended with no closure and hoping they can make a movie happen:

“Everybody’s talking about it, and I think that would be great…like a Sex in the City. At least give it some kind of closure to a degree and find out what happened to the characters in this past 5 years. We’re all excited about that, everybody’s talking about it, so we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that it happens.”

“All I can say is everybody’s interested, and that’s a start. ‘Cause if Tracee wasn’t interested, or Jill wasn’t interested, or Golden, that would be a problem, but everybody wants it to happen. So we’re just waiting to hear, ‘Hey, we got the money.’ So hopefully, that happens.”

Watch the full interview below:

Would you go see it? Or wait for the DVD?


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  • BlaquePearl

    only way I’d go and see it is if and only if… they brought Toni Childs back!

  • lady dea

    blaque pearl i agree if they not bringing toni back im go get it from the bootleg man

  • JJ

    I would SO go see it!!! I need closure!!!

  • Jomiya

    I would def go see it, the way they just left it like that was WRONG, heck everyone else I need closure on just one of my black shows… They do it all the time girlfriends, one on one and all of us… Like finish something before you just scrap it damn…

  • kobie dixon

    I would either way but i’d be more inclined with toni back

  • http://facebook.com/mstiffanystandinonmyownwise tiffany


  • knowsitall

    If Toni’s in I’m in.

  • november

    Heck yes!

  • Me

    Absolutely. This show was on for 8 years, and for the network to end it the way they did was just wrong.

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