Poor Thang! Dirty Dog Tiki Barber’s Dream Wedding With His Homewrecking Becky Is Being Delayed By His Divorce From Mother Of His Four Kids

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Tiki! His wedding to “soulmate” Traci Lynn Johnson is being put on hold until the details of his divorce from wife and mother of his four kids Ginny Cha are hammered out.

Tiki Barber and his fiancée, Traci Lynn Johnson, were set to marry next spring — but Barber’s bitter unresolved divorce with his estranged wife, Ginny, is delaying the wedding bells.

Sources told us Barber and Johnson, who got engaged in August, had planned to wed in May at a private home in the Hamptons. But because Barber’s divorce isn’t yet settled, the wedding is now on hold.

“Tiki and Traci cannot get married until the divorce with Ginny is settled, and it’s taking longer than they expected to reach a settlement,” said a source who also claimed Johnson had started making arrangements, including printing invitations and searching for venues for wedding showers.

“Traci may have got a little too excited and ahead of herself with the wedding arrangements,” the source added.

The Barber divorce case remains in Manhattan Supreme Court while the warring couple butt heads over money. Tiki has said he can’t afford Ginny’s alimony demand.

Johnson, a former NBC intern who posed in her skivvies in Maxim’s September issue, confirmed to us that they’ve put their nuptials on hold for the time being.

“Tiki and I are very excited for the next stage of our lives together, but we have no concrete wedding plans as of yet,” she said, and denied that invitations have been printed.

The Post first revealed in April 2010 that Tiki, 36, had dumped Ginny, then pregnant with twins and after 11 years of marriage, for Johnson, 24. Ginny filed for divorce and shortly after gave birth to twin girls. The couple also had two older sons, AJ and Chason.

Johnson and Tiki, who is trying to mount a comeback in the NFL after five years on the sidelines, have since moved in together in Manhattan. Tiki’s lawyer, Arlene Dubin, didn’t return calls, and a rep for Ginny didn’t get back to us.

SMH… He’s gonna have to pay how he weighs, ya’ll already know raising four kids on the Upper East Side ain’t gonna be cheap. Ginny is gonna have him pimping Traci out to for more Maxim shoots to get the bills paid.

Does anybody feel bad for this guy?


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  • Kamie

    Screw him and the horse he rode in on! Ginny needs to set herself and their four kids up for LIFE!! He could have been more respectful of her in this. But he was not!! So she shouldn’t care about him at all. And the little silly white chic will get it too. KARMA….baby….look it up. Lol

  • SayWhat

    It always amazes me how dumb a woman can become behind a man. He cheated WITH you on someone who he promised forever to, & they have FOUR kids…two of whom were cooking as you were spreading your legs………does that make for a fairy tale ending in your mind???

  • mok

    He will cheat on her next. What ever happened to taking qa break before getting remarried.


    If Tiki left his pregnant wife, what makes Traci think he won’t do it to her? Good luck with that!

  • givmeabrek

    What’s that saying, What goes around comes around Traci, so don’t think it won’t happend to you. Trus how you got him will be how you loose him…..pregnant and he’ll be on to the next one.

  • team nymphis

    I see her cheatin on his azz and him drivin slowly in a bronco cryin, sayin he didn’t mean to kill her.

  • Holly

    This article just breeds racism. Why do you have to refer to her as a Becky? It doesn’t matter what her race is. Men cheat on their wives all the time and her race doesn’t make it better or worse. It’s wrong no matter what color skin you have. Wouldn’t you feel disrespected if a news article read “Home Wrecking Shaniqua.” ??? Don’t complain about racism towards your race if you are just going to support racism towards another race. It’s hypocritical.

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