Weezy Says Hovi Hov Isn’t Gonna Do A Damn Thing About His “How Much You Love Your Lady” Reckless Talk, Drops More Reckless Talk

- By Bossip Staff

When you were in prison you blogged that the hardest part wasn’t being locked up, but being away from your children. Now that you are out, you’re juggling parenthood, behind head of a label and a touring artist. Is it overwhelming?
It isn’t as tough as it seems because I’ve been doing this for a long time, so everything’s kind of in place—and I thank God for that. It can get tough, at times, and it can get difficult. But the more complicated it gets, the more better it is. I’ve settled with the fact that I’m a wanted artist.

In what way?
There are superstars that people love or are fans of. Fortunately, I’m an artist that my fans actually want to be around me and see me. They want to feel me. That’s why I go on tour a lot, because I actually satisfy my fans with it. That’s the whole point of it; just satisfying fans.

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  • Tracy

    Who cares lil wayne needs to lay off the coke.

  • mia

    Wtf is he talking about he needs to try to be at least sober for interviews

  • aquaeian beauty

    lil cocharoach is about as deep as my bank account is full! *anybody got a dollar i can borrow till pay day??*

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