You Will Never Believe Where Shirley & Rashid Smith Got Married [Video]

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In 2005, Newark, New Jersey native Shirley, 46, a reciprocal clerk at AAA, was shopping for apartment wares with her then-14-year-old daughter, Jashirele Stewart, when she spotted Smith, 46, walking around the store. “I couldn’t tell if he was wearing a wedding ring or was with a woman so I followed him around the store for an entire hour, trying to find a reason to talk to him,” Shirley told Yahoo! Shine. “Eventually, my daughter got impatient so she offered to get his phone number for me.” Moments later, Jashirele returned with Smith in tow. “He said, ‘I wanted to make sure this is your daughter because I don’t give my phone number to little girls.’ I was so embarrassed and asked, ‘Are you single?’ We swapped numbers on the spot and while he was leaving the store, he called and asked me out for Valentine’s Day.”

Fast-forward two years later—the couple became engaged. “We always figured that when we got married, we’d have some sort of ceremony at IKEA but I didn’t think the store would allow it,” said Shirley. “So I called them and asked if we could just take our photos there. But they loved the idea and said we should have the whole ceremony there. We already had a ceremony scheduled at Rashid’s grandmother’s house so we decided to get blessed at IKEA by a friend from the Church.”

What a great story… best of wishes.

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