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Here is Kelly Rowland doing what she probably collects the most checks for at this point: posing for yet another magazine.

This time, it was the UK-based Stylist, and Kelly opened up about being in charge of her money at a young age, loving her Destiny’s Child life and being a grown-a$$ woman and inspiring young girls.

Do you think your confidence is growing with age?
Yes. I love getting older. The grey hair bit I’m still getting used to – and the gravity [laughs]. But other than that, I love it. Things just start to click. I started developing as a business woman. I now know I need to make sure that everything is right for me, not for anybody else. And OK, that might be selfish, but there’s nothing wrong with being selfish, as long as you don’t abuse it. I have to think: ‘What do I want in the next 10 years? Do I work hard enough? Do I have my priorities straight? Am I waking up early enough to catch the worm and going to bed late enough to make sure everything is done?’ Delegating is something I’m still working on.

So what’s your plan?
More work with my I Heart My Girlfriends charity. I see a lack of female solidarity, especially within teens. I want to help prepare them as women and give them faith and self-assurance to know they can count on each other. You can get lost in life. Whether it’s having family problems or having a hard time looking in the mirror. We all have those days and need a support system; a female support system. Singing is what I’m born to do, but so is this.

Don’t you just wish Kelly was your baby’s auntie too when you read these interviews? Hit the flip for more pics and quotes and the behind the scenes footage from her photo shoot.



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