Kelly Rowland Talks Sexism, Destiny's Child And The Support Of Women With Stylist Magazine

Another Day, Another Kelly Rowland Magazine Spread With “Life Is Awesome And Destiny’s Child Was Fantastic” Quotes

- By Bossip Staff

Rather than being manufactured, it seemed you were always very much in control of everything from your music to your money…
Oh, yeah. I remember the first time we toured, I was like, “Wow, where did all these lights and the backdrop come from?” I was told, “Well, they came from your pocket. You’re paying for all of this.” So I started asking, “How many people are part of the tour crew? How many people do this or that? Do we actually need this?” I want to be smart. I’ve had a lot of money and I’ve had a little. I know what that feels like. I remember my mom struggling and I don’t want to be in that situation. I’m thankful to her job [live-in nanny] for showing me a different way. She worked for doctors, lawyers, people who worked in finance. I was like, “That’s a nice car. Woo, this is a great house. Wow, that woman smells good.” My mom had perfume but it came from the drug store, not Neiman Marcus. But I also saw how hard her bosses worked to have those nice things. I saw the time they spent away from their children. I saw that when they came home, they were still working. I understood what kind of work ethic it took to be a success.

With the kind of excess that go along with the entertainment industry, is it hard not to splurge on things?
In my industry, you come across a lot of money but it could easily slip through your fingers. You have to be careful not to allow your peers to make you feel like you have to live a certain way. Like, I’m not trying to keep up with Bey. Her income is completely different from mine. Yeah, I might like a nice handbag but I need to work my behind off to make sure I can get the bag and I’m still able to take care of my bills, my family and my business.



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