Another 10-Yr Old Girl Commits Suicide Because Of Bullying! [Video]

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This mess needs to quit…

RIDGE FARM, Ill., Nov. 17 (UPI) — Investigators say they’re trying to determine if the apparent suicide of a 10-year-old Ridge Farm, Ill., girl is the result of bullying.

Ashlyn Conner’s body was found hanging in her closet last Friday. The fifth-grade honor roll student had came home from Ridge Farm Elementary School that afternoon and told her mother she wanted to be home schooled. Her funeral Wednesday was attended by many of her classmates, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Family members say the girl had been bullied by schoolmates and neighborhood children for years. The child’s family attended a special school board meeting Monday and claimed teachers told Conner she was being a “tattle-tale” when she complained about being bullied.

Vermilion County Coroner Peggy Johnson said the child died of strangulation but couldn’t rule it a suicide until a sheriff’s investigation is completed.

Vermilion County Sheriff Patrick Hartshorn told the Danville Commercial-News his office is investigating the family’s allegations of bullying.

“We haven’t uncovered anything so severe that it would result in someone taking their own life,” he said in an interview published Monday.


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  • Ms. Juan

    Rest in Peace doll ='(

  • Janau

    I wish her teachers wud understand that bein bullied is not telling

  • team nymphis

    how do 10yr olds know about hanging themselves?

  • givmeabrek

    This is so sad and for her teachers to tell her “quit tattling” they need to be put on unpaid leave bcuz if a child comes to you wit a problem and you just brush them off, then y even bother teaching you already showed the children you’re only there for a paychck

  • yaya

    What a stupid remark not severe enough to take your own life? That’s part of the problem! The teachers not acting responsibly when she came to them and even the investigators not taking bullying serious enough. For a child peer acceptance is everything, its their universe to be able to keep and make friends. If they are being bullied it could seem horrific! They r in school all day being tortured, they dnt have the coping skills to deal with difficult situations and don’t necessarly think abstractly into the future. So to them yes its serious enought to commit suicide because their life n world at this age doesn’t revolve on much other then school and friendships. Adults need to be trained and educated on how to address bullying

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