Kid Cudi’s New Album Will Contain No Curse Words, No N-Words

- By Bossip Staff

G.O.O.D. Music rapper Kid Cudi has announced via twitter that his upcoming album will be radio-friendly and not contain any profanity. Along with the lack of curse words, Cudi’s new LP will also not use the N word that so many rapper are fond of.


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  • Vonté

    Never been a big Cudi fan but after hearing this, I will definitely check this dude out more

  • krys

    Goooooooooo Cudi! More rappers need to take note.

  • RBG

    I like this…. other rappers need to pay attention.

  • Ann

    I will definitely support his record. Heavy D’s music was clean, fun and thought provoking. G.O.O.D. for Cudi. I’m tired of listening to the radio and hearing sound effects in place of lyrics.

  • rodd

    Thank you. We call ourselves educated and qualified. Get into the car and listen to rappers call women b*****s and talk of how better they are than n****s. I’m tired for one and have been waiting for a mainstream rapper to stand up.

  • yaya

    So cool. I like kid cudi he’s not like all the other rappers he’s always been different. Its time to change it up rap is so annoying now always talking about how much more money n luxirious commodities they have then regular peeps the ishh gets old da

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