You Mad??? Keri Hilson Gets Salty When Asked To Hold Up Beyonce Magazine Cover For A Drop [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Remember when Keri Hilson tried to get the world to believe her “Turning Me On” remix threw no shade at King Bey?

Somehow, after watching this video of a Keri interview gone south at this year’s Soul Train Awards, we find that even harder to believe.

Oy. So ugly… LOL

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  • Steelcitychick

    Good for her! Kiri shouldn’t be worried about promoting anybody but herself!

  • Steelcitychick

    Oops, ment Keri

  • T

    Who the hell is keri hilson? Bey not worried about this irrelevant chick.

  • Alright Alright Alright

    I Dont Think She Like Bey Or Ciara Just Because There More Relvant Then Her & She Wants To Be A Mixture Of Them . I Never Liked Her & Her Songs Are Annoying .

  • the bionic

    Keri came in throwing salt and not just at Beyonce. Bt what’s real.. U always make sure ur A game can’t be touched before having anything to say about anyone. And that’s where she went wrong. Her over all package is wack. She may be a good writer but so far she shld leave the ‘artistry’ to the artists.

  • Ms.Bella

    Keri you are in your right to decline to promote someone you don’t believe in. Why is it that Bey stans feel that everyone has to be on her train? Do the stans every come to think what would they do had they been place in a situation to promote someone or something they didn’t believe imagine how you would handle that situation! Hmm be really only like when her stans are putting her on some kind of patalstol..but what happens if you come to the reality about her and you find youself in the same place as KERI? Right, answer the other stans are gonna turn on you. Wake up! Bey is fake and the real truth is really going to be reveal. Fasten your seatbelts you stans r going for a reality ride! ITS TIME!

  • prettycute

    Nobody likes a hater. That’s why Keri hilsons career is in the dog house

  • givmeabrek

    She doesn’t hav to promote that ish….GOOD for KERI

  • pourup

    Haters are motivation for Bey thats why she is always on top of her game. If you cant see the greatness that she has brought to the table in her career GO KILL YOURSELF HATER.

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