Kush Chronicles: 14 Year-Old Arrested And Sentenced To 2 Months In Jail For Coppin’ That Green Yah-Mean In Bali!!

- By Bossip Staff

You can’t just go to foreign country and try to cop a dime bag off of any joker on the street.

An Australian teen was sentenced to two months in detention Friday for buying drugs while vacationing with family on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali.

Presiding Judge Amzer Simanjuntak told the packed Denpasar district court that — when taking into account time already served — the 14-year-old would be freed in just over a week and immediately deported.

“It’s better to give a jail sentence, but the shortest possible, which would enable him to be given back to his parents sooner,” Simanjuntak said, according to a report in the Herald Sun newspaper.

The prosecutors had asked for a three-month sentence.

The boy, who cannot be identified by name because of his age, sat sobbing, his head bowed down, as his father patted him on the back consolingly while the judge spoke.

Though he could have faced up to 12 years under Indonesia’s tough narcotics laws, the panel of three judges said it decided to be lenient because he admitted to buying 0.13 ounces of marijuana from a man in front of a supermarket and repeatedly expressed remorse.

Moral of the story: Give the grandaddy purp a rest while you’re on vacation…or bring your own so you don’t have to buy it on the streets!!


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  • lela

    What is going on in a 14 year olds life “head” that’s so messed up he needs to buy drugs to feel better? Oh, well we know his parents are not poor and those attorneys made big bucks!

  • Prettycute

    He had to find out the hard way but when your in a foreign country either get fimilar with the laws because you never know how extensive is the punishment. I feel bad for him.

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