Beyonce’s Video Response To Fake Baby Bump Claims And King Bey Drops New Sultry “Dance For You” Music Video [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Flip the page to see her video response to fake pregnancy rumors.

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  • DR

    Sept 23 and 6 months preg and due date is Feb, makes no sense.

  • confused

    She stated that’s she’s 6 months on Sept. 23rd, then her due date should be in Decemeber not FEBRUARY…. oh baby is right…..sorry Bey but your only pregnant for 9 months close to 10…NOT A DAMN YEAR!

  • cupcake

    Do the math. Pregnancy is 40 weeks which is 10 months if your baby is born full term. Most women don’t quite make it to 40 weeks which is why most are 9 months and some change when they give birth.

    Next, when you are 1-4 weeks pregnant you are 1 month. 5-8 weeks you are 2 months. Right now I am 18 weeks pregnant and am 5 months pregnant. Once I am 21 weeks pregnant I will be 6 months. The pregnancy calendar is different from the date/time calendar.

    Beyonce not lying about being pregnant. She not confused or tricking people about her due date. Apparently she is due early February! The more you know…

  • Shelly

    The last commenter makes no sense at all I am 5 months due in April and I am 20 weeks. My doc is monitoring my cervix until 6 months which said will be when I’m 24 weeks.. You and beyonce are sounding like phadra parks right now smh

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