SMH: Rick Perry Turns To Racist-A$$ Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Prove He Doesn’t Like Brown People Either

- By Bossip Staff

Sometimes, the politics of our country scare the crap out of us.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona will campaign with Rick Perry in New Hampshire on Tuesday, the Texas governor’s campaign told CNN on Saturday.

The man famous for his tough stance on illegal immigration has not endorsed a presidential candidate, though he has been courted by the likes of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Perry.

Arpaio is a hard-liner on illegal immigration in a state known for its tough 2010 law on the issue. Among other provisions of the law, it would require that local police, during the enforcement of other laws, check the immigration status of anyone they suspected of being undocumented.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit said the measure overstepped Arizona’s authority, and the state is seeking a U.S. Supreme Court ruling to settle the issue.

Arpaio’s endorsement could be helpful to Perry, who has been the subject of criticism from conservatives for some of his actions on illegal immigration.

Perry caused a firestorm of complaints when he suggested people didn’t “have a heart” if they did not support educating the children of illegal immigrants.

The governor later said his remarks were “inappropriate.”

That was inappropriate? And after all of the people who protested Arizona’s immigration laws, this is who Perry thinks will win him votes. What does that tell you about your fellow Americans?


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  • yaya

    We all have rights as humans, to deny education, health care , food basic needs as humans is cruel. Yes there are ppl here who have entered illegally but to deny their children of simple needs for a choice they did not make is a violation of human liberties. This country looks at immigrants as subhuman and portrays them all in a negative light. Hmmmmmm? I can remember a type where this agenda was aimed at another minority group… Just a thought

  • Rick

    How is Joe a racist because he upholds our immigration laws. And if any person is guilty of human rights violations it’s Mexico’s president…He and former presidents have done nothing to provide educational, employment, or health care to Meicans who have come here illegally. And if you think Joe and Maricopa County are inhumane just take a minute to read Mexico’s immigration’s policy.

  • Butter Pecan

    Thank you Rick. Well put.

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