Bossip Exclusive: Check Out Our Interviews With The Cast Of “For Better or For Worse”

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP: How excited are you to be working on “For Better or Worse,” a spinoff of your role in “Why Did I Get Married?”

Tasha Smith: Beyond excited. You get to work with one of your best friends, you get to do a role you love, working with a director, writer, producer that you love, it’s like being with family every day.

BOSSIP: What does it take to bring that fierce energy to the role of Angela?

TS: She’s a very passionate person and I’m high energy so it works. But we don’t have much in common besides the fact that we’re both Black and loud. A lot of things Angela does I would never do in my relationship. She’s a different kind of woman than me. I’m fun, I’m loud, but I’m not disrespectful.

One thing I hate is for people to automatically think Angela is just a rude, loud mouthed disrespectful woman, and that’s not who she is. I think if people took the time out to really look at Angela and look at themselves they’ll see, wow I had those experiences before but I had a reason why. We may not have seen her reason before but we can relate. That’s why women connect to her cuz they know when they’ve lost it, they’ve gotten emotional, they’ve gotten insecure.

BOSSIP: Your colleague Jason Olive (who plays Joseph) spoke to us about how this show is different in terms of the character’s lifestyle, being upper middle class. How conscious were you about this aspect of the show?

TS: It’s a good thing to empower people and give them hope by being a black family involved in entrepreneurship because even today, with the economic status that our country is in, a lot of people have to be creative in figuring out their new streams of income. I feel like this is empowering and inspiring. Michael’s character Marcus probably wasn’t thinking five years ago in the first “Why Did I Get Married,” ‘One day I’m going to own my own studio,’ and Angela probably didn’t know how successful her business would be but she knew ‘I want my business, I want my product line,’ so for us to be able to evolve and dream and do more I think it will inspire those entrepreneurial ideas in others.

BOSSIP: How much of your own marriage do you bring to the set?

Tasha: We don’t have references within our own marriage when it comes to Marcus and Angela because neither of our relationships are like that, we’re just not there. It’s not necessarily based on our relationships. The reference we do have is our love and commitment to our families, to my husband, to his wife and us wanting people to see and understand that with Angela and Marcus because of the fact that we have that love and that connection as married people. We want that to be respectful. When we say “For Better or Worse” we made commitments to our spouses so we want people to say “you can do this” regardless, you can forgive, you can communicate you can compromise in order to make it work.

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