Baby Mama Drama: Tameka Foster Raymond Doesn’t Want To Share Custody With Usher… Over A Saks Credit Card??

- By Bossip Staff

You would think Usher would know this ain’t the chick to play with about her kids or her money.

But according to TMZ, he’s been doing both.

Tameka Raymond — who had 2 kids with Usher during their brief 2 year marriage — filed court papers in Georgia … asking a judge to strip Usher of joint physical custody of their children ASAP.

According to the docs, Tameka claims Usher has repeatedly FAILED to obtain her permission to travel outside the state with the kids … which he’s legally obligated to do.

But there’s more … a lot more.

Tameka also claims Usher is required and has failed to:
— get her approval before hiring nannies
— give her first shot to watch the kids when he’s away for more than 8 hours
— allow her to take the kids for 2-weeks in the summer of 2011
— let her have custody of the kids during Christmas break 2010

Tameka also claims Usher closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card — which he specifically said he wouldn’t do — and now she can no longer take advantage of the “special benefits” the card offers.

According to the docs, Usher also promised to pay $5k per month so Tameka could hire her own nanny for the kids — but he hasn’t paid in months, and now owes $34,000 worth of payments.

Tameka also claims there has been a “substantial change in [Usher’s] income” since they got divorced — and because of his success, she should get even more money for child support.

So you want him to spend less time with his children and give you more money instead? What’s wrong with that picture??

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  • KiWi1884

    As a celebrity stylist shouldn’t she already have a credit card for Saks? Why does she need nannies, she didn’t have them when she was married to her first husband w/3 kids? Although I know longer care for usher or his music he “seems” to be active in his kids life so I’m thinking something major is going on….he’s about to get married, gf is preggo, or Tammy is living beyond her means.

  • team nymphis

    these greedy heffas need to stop using their kids as lottery tickets

  • lavonda

    Mother knows best.his mother tried to tell him she wasn’t right for him do now he gotta desk with it

  • Wayne90

    Thats his problem should have never touched the ho

  • Leah

    This women is a controling gold digger and she saw $ when she met Usher, he should have listened to his mother, but this trick had his nose so wide open, he should have did right by the one who really loved him(chili).

  • bk

    Shes a hater and an opportunist. Usher is now faced with more drama with her nonsense. Chile is a gold digger too. Usher needs to do him.

  • Vicki

    @bk No Chile is not a gold digger, she really loved Raymond and why should any women settle for less Chile had money.

  • Lotus

    @ Vicki…….Tameka is that u???!?

  • keepit100%

    Another bitter babymomma in a different tax bracket SMH…move on trick…he don’t want u no more. Get some self respect…Ur low self-esteem is showing.

  • queenvirgo

    @lotus vicki is right. Imo.

  • Ana

    Shouldve listen to ur mom!!!!

  • team nymphis

    Had my heart broken by this woman name tammy but hoes gone be hoes so I couldn’t blame tammy

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