Some Tuesday Swirl: Herman “Big Daddy” Cain’s Mistress Of 13 Years “Ginger White” Speaks Out [Video]

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SMH at Herman Cain tricking off on this “Ginger White” broad…flying her out to business events, staying at the Ritz-Carlton, and dining at the Four Seasons!!

According to the transcript of Ginger White’s interview, White claims that she and Cain have been having an affair since they first met at a National Restaurant Association event in Kentucky during the late 1990s. In the 13 years since, White claims Cain has flown her across the country to meet him at his speaking engagements, and often lavished her with gifts.

“He made it very intriguing,” White told the interviewer. “It was fun. It was something that took me away from my sort of hum-drum life at the time, and it was exciting.” She claims the affair ended eight months ago — around the time that Cain announced he was running for president. To prove the affair happened, White provided Atlanta’s Fox 5 with her cell phone records, which include 61 phone calls and text messages with a number she claims belongs to Cain.

The smoking gun? When the station texted the number, Cain returned the call. Cain told the station that he knew Ginger White, but said her allegations were false. He said she had his phone number because he was trying to help her financially. White said that Cain never harassed her or treated her poorly, and that she believes the sexual harassment accusations against him are false. But she added: “It bothered me that [Cain’s accusers] were being treated as if they were automatically lying, you know, and the burden of proof is on them. So I felt very bad for them.”

According to her interview, White is a single mother with two kids who is “trying to make ends meet.” She was once sued for libel by a former business partner, but said that it would “make no sense for me to come out with these allegations against Herman if it absolutely wasn’t true.” White is not getting paid for her interview, according to Fox Five Atlanta. She said she decided to talk after a tipster alerted media outlets to the affair, and she started getting inundated with requests from reporters.

What kind of idiot returns the text message though?!?!

Peep the videos on the flippy of “Ginger White” giving explicit details regarding her affair with Herman Cain.

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