Pure Comedy: Old Heads Catch Fade On Stage At Alumni Luncheon Over Longtime Football Beef [Video]

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This has to be one of the best catch fades we’ve seen in a minute.

Cotdamn! You don’t want to be on the wrong end of Joe Kapp’s left hook. SMH. Something tells us the organizers should have known better than to seat these guys next to each other.

Here’s the back story:

It all happened on stage at a Canadian Football League alumni luncheon in Vancouver that was meant to discuss an infamous tackle Mr Mosca made against Mr Kapp’s teammate at the Grey Cup game nearly five decades ago.

Mr Mosca was accused to deliberately making a late, out-of-bounds hit on one of the stars of the BC Lions, which injured him so badly it removed him from the game. The Tiger-Cats went on to win the game.

When the pair are called to the stage, Mr Kapp offers Mr Mosca a flower as an olive branch. Mr Mosca rejects the offer and tells his opponent: ‘Stick it up your a**!’

Mr Kapp, instead, decides to shove the flower up Mr Mosca’s nose. The defensive lineman bats Mr Kapp’s hand away.

The former quarterback lurches toward Mr Mosca. Mr Mosca swings with his microphone, then his cane. The cane connects with Mr Kapp’s head.

At this point, the audience, which had been laughing hysterically, falls silent as it realizes the two elderly men on stage are not playing around.

Mr Kapp moves in and punches Mr Mosca in the jaw, knocking him to the floor. As he’s down Mr Kapp seems to land one good kick.

About 30 seconds in, younger, more responsible men rush the stage and tear the two elderly football players apart.

Both men had careers long after the infamous 1963 game. Mr Angelo went into professional wrestling after developing a reputation as the meanest player in Canadian professional sports. Mr Kapp became the only quarterback to play in the Rose Bowl, the Superbowl and the Grey Cup.

‘I don’t want to pass judgement on Angelo Mosca or Joe Kapp but I think there is a lesson to be learned here. The trick to life is to lighten the road, not pile it on,’ comedian Ron James, who was the host of the luncheon, told CBC Sports.

‘But these guys, despite their age, what is bred in their bones is a warrior’s streak.’

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