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Akon recently did an interview with Blender magazine and discusses booty-calls, stealing cars, being unfaithful and his age.

How old are you?

[Smiles.] I don’t know how old I am.

Nonsense. Why are you so cagey about giving your age?

I don’t understand the importance. But I’ve been blessed to look young for a long time. My pops is 77 years old. You wouldn’t believe it; he looks like he’s in his mid-40s.

Does your wife know how old you are?

She has no idea.

When was your last booty call?

When I made the call? That don’t happen too often. But sometimes I’ll schedule a booty call on Saturday for Monday.

So it’s up to the ladies to call you?

With women it’s difficult, ’cause they try to hide it. They’ll call you at three in the morning like, “Hey, how was your day?”

So do you funnel all that energy into sex?

I have to control myself around women. That’s my only addiction. I used to chase it, but fame has changed a lot.

Who says no to you now?

I ain’t got a no in a long time.

Do you have any kids?

Four boys and one girl. The oldest is 11, and the youngest is 7 weeks.

How many babymamas?


And how many wives? People say you have more than one.

That’s me playing with the media again! Just one wife.

Is she OK with you being unfaithful to her?

From my angle, things just happen. She’s confident enough to know that I’m not going anywhere.

When was the last time you wanted to kill someone?

When I was locked up. A guy was being really disrespectful, so I had to knock him out. He fell and looked dead, and that scared the hell out of me.

Do you remember your first experience with alcohol?

Never drank, never smoked.

Why not?

I’m Muslim, but really, I never understood the concept of getting high. I like to be in control of my own mind and my own destiny.

What’s the best advice your parents ever gave you?

“Stay out of trouble.”

You didn’t take that advice!

I know! But I live by it now.

Even when you lifted a fan over your head and threw him offstage in June?

That was all in fun.

It wasn’t fun for the guy you threw! Or the people he landed on.

Yeah, I know. That was an accident — they weren’t supposed to be there.



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