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Talk show host Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, known for his NAACP boycotts and his confrontations with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, released a statement after hearing Ron Mexico confess that he has found the lord:

“The statement that Michael Vick has found Jesus is laughable. Like other celebrities before him, Vick is evoking Jesus’ name to stop the criticism and gain public sympathy. True believers recognize the hypocrisy in what he’s doing.Jesus’ is the most abused name in black America and Vick is following a long line of abusers. We can no longer allow celebrities and politicians to break laws and then use ‘Jesus’ as a get-out-of-jail free card. Most of these people go right back into their bad behavior and criminal activities as soon as the storm passes.

Jesse Jackson evoked Jesus’ name after he was discovered to have fathered a child in an extramarital affair. Thug rappers can’t keep Jesus’ name out of their mouths at award shows or when they get into trouble. Even Bill Clinton (the first black president) started carrying the Bible after he was caught having an affair with Monica Lewinsky and perjuring himself. Michael Vick is using the same playbook to manipulate the media and public.

If Vick is truly contrite and has found God, he wouldn’t have minimized his crime by describing it as a ‘mistake’ or as ‘immature’. He would have confessed, assumed total responsibility, and then asked God to give him the strength to endure his punishment. That would have been a great example for the youth.”




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