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Be honest: you wouldn’t want to watch these reality shows if it wasn’t for the drama. And the people behind the scenes know this.

But at least the drama we see each week on Love & Hip-Hop is real, so says creator Mona Scott-Young in a recent interview with

Do you ever worry that the show’s drama may get too real between cast members?
Unfortunately it does and has gotten very real! As much as I would have liked all the drama to stay on camera, that was not always the case. The stuff we cover in their lives comes from a very real place…this isn’t manufactured or faked so it’s not like they can turn off their emotions just because we turn off our cameras. Also for me it was difficult at times because I developed a relationship with the cast and it was sometimes disturbing to have to cover more difficult moments in their see a relationship fall apart right before our eyes…or to keep the cameras rolling when I know they were hurting or very upset. But at the end of the day, we all committed to making the most honest depiction of their lives we could so we had to push through it. Trust, it was not easy.

Do Chrissy and Kimbella fight again?
Let’s put it this way…that first fight was not the only…I had many a sleepless night! LOL!

Oh boy! Click here to check out Mona’s full interview.



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