Sour Grapes: The Craziest Rumors Started By Scorned Exes

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Here’s the thing about exes…they have all the dirt on you!

It seems like as soon as couples break up, one of them always sends out some sort of statement or something rude to try to put their ex on blast. Sometimes the rumors are true, other times they’re just sour grapes and cries for attention from people that got dumped and kicked to the curb.

Let’s look at the wildest ex rumors.

Kim and Kris – These two have been trading barbs ever since Kimmy kicked Kris to the Kurb. Kris has been telling everyone he has proof of Kim’s fake cakes. Kim, now, is saying that she has proof Kris prefers men. This whole thing is getting out of hand.

Debra and Stone Cold Steve Austin – Once the most popular wrestler in the world and his wife divorced, she started telling everyone that he was using ‘roids. Meh…we’re not sure about this one. It’s what all divorced wrestler and baseball wives say. Be original!

Tiger Woods’ Mistresses – Tiger’s mistresses aren’t technically exes, but they sure acted like them. Our favorite story was that he was super cheap and only bought one of his broads a six-inch Subway sammich. Tiger goes raw dog, but he won’t break the bank on a ho.

Halle Berry – When Halle and Gabby split, she started telling people that he was tossing the N-word around when talking to her. Then the rumors started spreading about him being a lazy bum and a horrible dad. Halle took the gloves off.

Dwyane Wade – When D Wade and his wife split, she filed a lawsuit saying that Wade was getting his freak on with Gabrielle Union…IN FRONT OF THE KIDS! Kinky, Dwyane. We still don’t believe it, though.

Linda Hogan – While in the midst of the divorce, Linda started telling everyone that Hulk Hogan was running around with Brutus The Barber and enjoying his Beefcakes back in the 80s. She was just ruthless. It’s bad enough she ganked him for all of his money.

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    Tameka Raymond – Tameka is out telling people that Ursh is now smoking that Mary Jane and popping those pills to get by.

    Superhead – She’s notorious for ditching dirt on people that chopped her down. But the worst she did was Eddie Winslow. When they broke up, she told everyone that he was beating on her non-stop. Damn, that’s a heavy one.

    Esther Baxter – We all know what happened here. She said that Joe not only beat her, but he caused her to have a miscarriage. No jokes here. Moving on.

    Christina Milian – Christina is a woman scorned if we’ve ever seen one. Before The-Dream did her dirty, there was Nick Cannon. And when he cheated on her, she went absolutely crazy and told everyone in earshot that he was a sorry man ho. He brushed it off and she eventually quit when she went to some other loser.

    Kanye West and Amber Rose – Yeezy and Amber have been trading rumors with each other since they broke up. Kanye has been insulting her on his albums and Amber’s been saying that he’s an a$$hole and Wiz can beat him up. It’s obvious they still love each other. Duh.

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