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Gwyneth sat with Steve Stoute to discuss her experience with urban culture and how it influenced her and her family.

Long before captivating moviegoers across the globe with her award-winning acting skills, Gwyneth Paltrow was front and center of a pivotal cultural shift.

While growing up in Santa Monica, California, her father, Bruce Paltrow, created and wrote for the late ’70s CBS drama “The White Shadow,” which examined racial stereotypes in America and exposed the actress to many seminal television “Tanning” moments. As she explains in HuffPost Black Voices latest episode of “The Tanning Effect,” Paltrow witnessed her father’s impact at the time on American society.

“I think the most ‘Tanning’ that I saw during that phase of my life was my dad, [who] created, wrote and directed a TV show called ‘The White Shadow,’ about a white basketball coach teaching basketball in an inner-city school,” she explained. “And that show that he did — I mean, obviously we were there a lot, but it was interesting to see that culturally start to permeate. And he did a lot of ‘firsts’ on that show. He had the first interracial kiss ever. It was a good show.” (Editor’s Note: As a point of fact, the first televised interracial kiss was between William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols on “Star Trek” in 1968.)

So Gwyneth is really down with the culture huh? Chris Martin better keep her close by before one of these young brothas start spittin’ game at her!


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