FYI On World AIDS Day: The Top Ten States With AIDS Diagnoses (Did Yours Make The List?)

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A lot of your peers may live like it doesn’t exist, but AIDS is still VERY real.

This year, World AIDS Day has been dedicated to exploring the ways to “Get To Zero”: to work our way towards a world with zero new HIV infections cases, Zero discrimination and ZERO AIDS RELATED DEATHS. But in the meantime, millions of people around the world are living with AIDS across the globe And thousands in your home state. In other words: Be safe! Get Tested!! And be aware…

Flip through and check out the 10 States with the highest number of AIDS diagnoses in 2011.

Puerto Rico: 33,277 Cases

Maryland: 36,313 Cases

Pennsylvania: 38,657 Cases

Illinois: 39,175 Cases

Georgia: 39,460 Cases

New Jersey: 55,292 Cases

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    Texas: 79,967 Cases

    Florida: 122,278 Cases

    California: 161,695 Cases

    New York: 201,871 Cases

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    • Brandi

      soo glad Mississippi didn’t make the list!! Thank you Jesus!

    • Yvette

      @Brandi~ SO WHAT! your state didn`t make the list, it doesn`t mean that no one in your town has it, people are contracting hiv\aids everyday. You get it no matter your race age marital status or where you stay. Protect yourself or ABSTINENCE!

    • Know

      Dam, most of the states are in the east coast.

    • http://yahoo margaret

      Most of the high numbers of aids is on the east cost but this may be due to excellent medical treatment here. Keep safe so aids will not cause you to need Aid.

    • Get Tested!!!

      Regardless of what states made the list, you have to take into consideration a lot of people do not get tested. Its a sad truth, but its the truth! Know your status people!

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