Keyshia on The Cover of Billboard

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Yes Bossipers, that is Ms. Ex-Tack holding down that purple corset and the helmet crop on the cover of Billboard Magazine. We appreciate any time she does something without Frankie and that bloated, ratted out sister screaming for camera time.

Fill In The Blank: Keyshia looks______________ on the cover of Billboard.

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  • big ass

    The only thing Keyshia needs is some good black d#$@ in her life. Skeet all over that purple dress.

  • MiMi

    I don’t like the pic…

  • sweetness in your tea...



    LOVEEEE the purple boostie…just LOVE IT!


    ARM tattoos are very unattractive on a woman.

  • Oshie - uh huh... ok... whats up.. SHETUP

    Keyshia looks wonkey-eyed on the cover of Billboard.

  • bhudda flii


  • UnEEkHeR

    couldn’t they pick a better pic for the cover???

  • Anjel


  • BE

    Keyshia looks Fabulous

  • 123


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  • african_4_eva

    Elegant…minus the tattoos.

  • http://hmlt Pooka

    Keyshia looks good with the black hair,


    u KNOW i just might could imagine keyshia as a better Etta too.

  • B Nice

    She looks like she wasn’t ready…beautiful…but not ready for the pic

  • soulwoman


  • Sammie

    She look Fake…fake smile, corset cups too small and well just not comfortable! However, she is a pretty girl and should give up on the ghetto girl steez plz! This calm, “nothing gets to me look” is a great LOOK FOR HER!!!

  • cat4everrr


  • Nina Knows

    she looks amazing

    PURPPLE… I agree. Beyonce cant even play beyonce right, that’s why she sasha fierce now…lol. someone classic like Etta James, should have been played by a real actress.

  • chaka1

    She is so pretty regardless. She looks like Thelma from Good Times.

  • grace

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  • Rock Witchu

    wow, she actually looks beautiful.

  • Chevy




  • s

    can’t wait for this ghettolishish show to start!! i cringe when frankie drinks ..

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