Pay Yo Bills: Is Soulja Boy About To Be Evicted From His $5K A Month Apartment???

- By Bossip Staff

Either this kid is really irresponsible or he’s somehow found a way to actually squander all that money he’s allegedly made.

Because, according to TMZ, little DeAndre Way is on the brink of eviction.

Soulja’s 2011 has included … lying about buying a private jet, pissing off the military with one of his songs and getting arrested for allegedly carrying weed and a gun in a briefcase.

Now TMZ has learned the rapper, real name DeAndre Way, has not paid his November rent for his Atlanta pad — a whopping $4,725 — so he’s been served with eviction papers. Soulja has until December 5 to pay up, or risk getting thrown out.

SMDH, where are your priorities??? Because, we’re sure Soulja Boy is going to claim that it’s not because he doesn’t have the money, it’s that he (or someone in charge of handling his pesky day-to-day bills) forgot.

But at this point in your career, we’re gonna need for you to have your rent on some kind of automatic withdrawal situation…

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