Close Those Legs! Study Shows That Having Sex Early In Life Can Lead To Depression

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like your mom’s advice may have some merit to it.

The study, which was carried out on hamsters, reveals how social experiences during adolescence when the brain is still developing can have broad consequences, say the researchers from Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Specifically, the animals that mated earlier in life had higher levels of depressive behaviors, changes to the brain and smaller reproductive tissues compared to those that had intercourse later or not at all.

“Having a sexual experience during this time point, early in life, is not without consequence,” study co-author John Morris, a doctoral student in psychology at Ohio State, said in a statement.

The hamsters that already were getting laid had decided not to swim as vigorously or take as many chances to better themselves. But that makes perfect sense, though. People that already find the formula to having sex sometimes don’t feel the need to try as hard because they’re already getting what they were born to do. Still, while the research isn’t final, this is pretty important to understanding how sex affects the brain.

So, just in case, close those legs kids!

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