“I’ve Got 15-Kids And 3-Baby Daddies…Somebody Gotta Pay!” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Does she live in a shoe? And, what was she thinking after the 9th kid?

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  • Jay

    This is why people should have license to bring children in the world how are you going to have all of those children and not have the finances to properly take care of them it’s just irresponsible

  • lela

    Per my Grandma Fanny Mae Thompson: What is any female thinking after the FIRST child that she has to raise alone. Why submit you and your children to those indignities and the humiliation of having to beg the government for food and shelter ……especially when you been born into poverty yourself! And seen the “it”. Find all dem baby daddies!

  • freckles

    Ugh…. This bytch needs to be beat. Why didn’t she stop having babies when she couldn’t afford them anymore?!?!? And got the nerve to be mad at the government because she couldn’t stop screwing. Jesus help her lol!!!

  • http://Hppt. FELICIA.H

    She need a job, so can stay off her back.

  • Aquarius

    Ummm…….more like what was she thinking after the 2nd kid.

  • http://Hppt. FELICIA.H

    So she can stay off her back.

  • Steelcitychick

    Wow…..this bytch is something else! Had the audacity to say “Someone needs to pay for all these kids!”….Bytch you made them, you pay for them!
    See, this is when I say, do away with the welfare system, if you can’t do anything to help yourself and your kids, you get nothing!
    I hate people like her, who expects handouts!

  • Chenise

    Close your Dam legs…this is your fault no the state

  • ms.red

    Wow donate that stuff to scientist please cause that shish is saf

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