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So J.Lo’s Casper’s first real girlfriend? How does that work when she’s already had three husbands?!

42-year-old Jennifer Lopez and her new 24-year-old toyboy lover Casper Smart

have been inseparable in recent weeks, accompanying her and her twins to Hawaii over Thanksgiving and more recently, on a trip Morocco.

While some have painted him as a wild womanizer, his family have spoken out to insist that he’s a clean-living, religious man who has never ever even brought home a girl to meet his parents.

His father Roy, 58, declared: ‘I don’t remember any girlfriends in the past. Certainly nothing serious. He’s been an elusive kind of a guy with girls. He never brought any girl home or anything. I thought he was single but he doesn’t really tell me about his love life.’

Speaking about the huge exposure Casper – who’s known as Beau to his family – has had since he was revealed to be getting close with J-Lo, Roy said: ‘Nothing bothers him, he’s a confident guy. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, but he’s pretty shocked at the all the interest in him.

He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do drugs – he’s a Christian and has got his head straight.’

Roy revealed Casper was coy about the new romance when he spoke to him on the phone about it.

He said: ‘He just wants to keep a lid on it. They’re friends, they’re on the road together.

‘He told me she’s a nice girl, she’s regular but he didn’t let any of us believe it was anything more than just a working relationship.’

However Roy, a music teacher, said he would welcome J-Lo to into his modest home on the outskirts of Los Angeles – if his son brought her to meet him.

He said: ‘That’s a thought – well that would be fun. Of course I would welcome her.’

He also said if his son is indeed getting serious with J-Lo their age difference shouldn’t be a problem.

“Most people think an age difference is a big deal but I think it’s inconsequential,” he said.

Roy and Casper’s mother Shawna are separated. He lives with his new partner Vicky and their son Cory. Casper also has an older brother Brandon who is in the military.

Speaking about how his son’s talent for dancing emerged, Roy said: ‘He was born in Anaheim and grew up in the OC (Orange County).

‘He played the saxophone when he was young and when you sat him in front of a piano he would be able to pick up a tune straight away.

‘He surprised me with the dancing. When he was in his teens he all of a sudden started practicing dancing, his mom is a dancer and I’m a musician so he definitely had it in him. He’s very talented.

‘But for him to all of a sudden be in Hollywood doing dancing stuff surprised the hell out of the whole family.’

Roy said Casper was over the moon when he got chosen as a dancer by J-Lo, he said: ‘I don’t know exactly when he started dancing with Jennifer but she hand-picked a group of guys to go dancing on the road with her and I just think Beau and his dance team were in the right place at the right time.

‘He was excited. It was a good break for him. He’s privileged to work with her.’

Speaking proudly of his son’s achievements, Roy added: ‘He’s danced with Beyonce as well, he’s been in movies but he doesn’t boast about it or anything.

‘He’s a humble person.’

Roy hit out at bloggers who have been writing unkind things about his son since he hit the headlines this week.

‘It’s unfair, I hope all this hype calms down and people leave him alone.’

Casper’s uncle Tab Larsen from Cypress, California, said: He’s a good kid, I’ve nothing bad to say about him. I never heard of him getting involved in drink or drugs or anything like that , he’s always been focused on his career.’

We shall see if this lasts the rest of the year even. But we’re willing to bet that J.Lo is having lots of fun getting her rocks off with this young bol’ right now.


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