New Mexican On The Block: Mr. Capone-E (Southsider Rapper From Cali) New Video With Snoop Dogg [Video]

New Cholo On The Block: Mr. Capone-E (Southsider Rapper From Cali) New Video With Snoop Dogg [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip: What type of impact you think your music will make on the industry?.

Capone-E: It should make a great impact … I’m coming with a original flow… a different style that showcases a way of life a lot of people can relate to and go through on a day to day basis. Its just that the media has been sleeping on it.

Bossip: Do you plan on working with any other local LA artist?

Capone-E: Why not ? All they have to do is reach my management and if its cool then let’s make history.

Bossip: Who would you like to collab with?

Capone-E: Dr.dre … Anyone really working towards a common goal! Let’s make music.

Bossip: The Latin market is strong in LA how do you feel about the rest of the map and how they are catching in to the growth?

Capone-E: Its pretty strong … I consider my style to be a Southsider rapper with a chicano touch and Its everywhere .. I’m actually in ny now and even ppl out here follow the lifestyle and your wouldn’t even know! Its everywhere we just need the right exposure to be heard.

Bossip; What’s would tell any aspiring artist to do trying to break into the business?..

Capone-E: Keep hustlin .. Keep grinding .. Education first so u always have something to fall back on* rapping isn’t for everyone and if you think that just bc you think u can rap u will make it (ur chances are just as good as winning the lottery) pursue your dreams and continue the hustle but always have a back up plan* you never know when u made need to pull it out.



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