Race Matters: White Criminals Are More Likely To Be Pardoned Than The Minorities Who Are Locked Up…Blacks Have The Poorest Chance

- By Bossip Staff

This is all thanks to your boy George “Dubya” Bush:

An independent investigation has found that white criminals seeking US presidential pardons over the past decade have been nearly four times as likely to succeed as minorities, The Washington Post reported. The newspaper said Saturday the review was conducted by ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism.

ProPublica’s review examined what happened after president George W. Bush decided at the beginning of his first term to rely almost entirely on the recommendations made by career lawyers in the Office of the Pardon Attorney. According to the review, blacks have had the poorest chance of receiving the president’s ultimate act of mercy, the paper said. From 2001 to 2008, Bush issued decisions in 1,918 pardon cases sent to him by the Justice Department, most involving nonviolent drug or financial crimes, The Post noted.

He pardoned 189 people — all but 13 of whom were white, the report said. Seven pardons went to blacks, four to Hispanics, one to an Asian and one to a Native American. The Post quotes Fred Fielding, who served as Bush’s White House counsel, as saying the racial disparity “is very troubling to me and will be to (Bush), because we had no idea of the race of any applicant.”



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  • real real talk

    Thank willed Lynch for that

    Real real talk

  • team nymphis

    I guess they figure..why letem out when they be so frantic to go back anyway

  • Steelcitychick

    What the hell? Thanks to George? If these stupid “black” men weren’t doing those stupid things to get locked up, we wouldn’t be having this artical/research! Put the blame where the blame is due!
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way a republican or support Bush, but damn black men need to do better! Just cause you born into poverty, doesn’t mean you can’t comprehend right from wrong!

  • team nymphis

    ding ding ding ding…we have ourselves a winner.steelcitychick you can meet me in my bedroom for your comment of the day gift.

  • Steelcitychick

    Yeah! I’m a winner!
    First I’d like to thank God, because without him, I wouldn’t have then sense go post this thought
    Now what are you giving me? Is it big?!….lol!

  • team nymphis


    Yes it is a fill you up like a free gas card
    If you got on a dress-it’s skirt steak
    If I put it on your hip-it’s a side of beef
    If I put it on your back-you could call it pork shoulder
    Or I could put it somewhere-and let you call it butt steak
    Or I could just put it in your hand-and let you make beef jerky

  • Steelcitychick

    Lol….your too funny! Thanks for the (I’m blushing) giggles!

  • lela

    Wow….only a select few are allowed to address the fact that black men need to keep their butts out if the white mans jail! Good and Job Steel!

  • Francis

    Wow ! What don’t you understand that if you are black you can be charged/sent to prison for a reason a white person will walk or get a slap on true wrist?

    Our experiences as citizens differ markedly depending on our race. Just ask the dozen or so blacks exonerated by DNA technology in Dallas.

    I listened to the author of this research at length on NPR radio. Before you cast an aspersion,know the facts. We do not need more Mr.999s.

  • Francis

    I meant “slap on the wrist”.

    I used to write as FRANK a short form of Francis.

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