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If you were watching Real Housewives Of Atlanta last night, you saw Sheree Whitfield confront her ex-husband Bob about the four years’ worth of child support he allegedly owes her.

During their heated exchange, which took place just steps away from their two teenage kids, Bob offered Sheree a wide range of excuses as to why he owed her absolutely no child support: he’s broke, he provides for the kids well when they are with him, if Sheree was so worried about her kids’ well being, she wouldn’t be running around with $18,000 bags in $100,000 cars… none of which sounded like valid reasons to us.

Following the conversation, which ended with Sheree tossing a drink in Bob’s face and letting him know she’d see him in court, we saw a very sad Sheree talking to Phaedra about “reluctantly” involving the judicial system in their financial dispute. It all made for very good TV.

Here’s the part that was left out: while Bob Whitfield is required by law to pay Sheree $2142 a month for child support, per their divorce settlement, she walked away from the marriage with two cash payments of $775,000 (so far she’s gotten one) and $250,000 from his 401K. In other words, she made more money from her divorce than anything else in the last two years.

So if Sheree is taking care of her children “on her own,” primarily thanks to the money she got from her ex, is she being greedy? Is he being a deadbeat? Or should they both see reason and just come up with a different arrangements based on his limited income and her greatly increased earning power?



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