End Of Days: Priest Says Hell Is Fake And Religion Is About Control [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • me

    Hell is fake, and religion is about mind control. religion especially christianity is a bunch of bullsh*t. and no im not atheist.

  • Tameka

    I just want to say Heaven is real an so is Hell. God has gave me a Second chance of life. I was on a house fire at the age of 14. And im still here able to tell my story.The Devil thought he had me but God came and saved me. The devil wanted my soul but God said no. I am 38 yrs old now an thanking God for saving me. I am a true believer. Just remember r days is mark. We never know when we are leaveing this World. As yourself is my soul going to Heaven or Hell. P.s. there is a book call The Revelation of Hell an the other the Revelation of Heaven. Thats saids it all. I love i an hope this will change your life and belief. Jesus!!!!! is real an he loves u. Peace

  • Chew

    The devil is real. He is red with horns and a tail.

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