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Wait, what was the last 50 Cent song you remember enjoying?

50 Cent was inexplicably interviewed by XXL as if anyone still cared what he had to think and he, of course, took the opportunity to insult people and slore away. Read on:

XXL: During the photo shoot, you asked to listen to some new hip-hop artists. What do you think of the current regime in rap?

50 Cent: The whole culture, I think, is a little…confused. It’s not what I fell in love with, you know? So my job is to make a album that doesn’t have any holes in it, that is a representation of all of the elements I fell in love with. So, like, I look at artists to find what I like about them or why they’re hot or why they exist. And then you see that we’re creating momentum. We’re creating synthetic heat for new artists to generate interest and revenue. So the sales is some s*** that ain’t really hot. You see what I’m saying? Like, the actual business of music is saying, “Oh, he’s hot!” and “Let’s try and do something to market it and sell it.” But there’s some shit that’s organic that’s out there that you see, like, without record-company assistance. People are gravitating to it.

So who are you competing against?

Well, for me, I’m still up against what I’ve done. So in order to top it, I know it’s a difficult task. You know, I see the bloggers. My audience hasn’t grown with me. They keep saying, “Aw, man, I want the old 50!” ’Cause those people, it would take them on a safari. I was bringing them close enough to the animals, without being able to get hurt. I was taking them into my neighborhood, where you can very well get your a$$ killed.

There’s also Lil Wayne.

He’s turning into 50 Cent. He’s going through that process of being successful, ’til people go, “You know what? Get the f*** outta here. We don’t want you here no more.” Because you’re successful.

Really? People hated 50 because he was too successful? Or because he’s an attention sloring famemonger that only enjoys dissing people and promoting himself no matter who he hurts? Just checking.



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