In News That’ll Give You Nightmares: Ginger Gives Details About Her Sex Life With Big Daddy Cain

- By Bossip Staff

Don’t read this on a full stomach.

Ginger “Hard Times” White has released a full interview about her time with Herman Cain and we can’t say we were necessarily excited to hear the details. Here goes:

I think every time he had sex with me, he was getting a lot more than I was getting.” […] White said that over the years, her arrangement with Cain took an emotional toll. “One time we were having sex, and I was looking up at the ceiling, thinking about, ‘What am I going to buy at the grocery store tomorrow? What am I going to do with my kids tomorrow?'” she recalled. “One time after we had sex, I cried. He said, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t do this for a while.’ So maybe he did have a heart-or half a heart. But I knew I needed his financial help.”

Damn, Herman Cain was giving that wack wack? You just have to think his wife is reading this and crying. Um, actually, we’re reading and crying while pouring acid on our eyes so we can unsee what we just read.

The full interview is here. Read if you’re feeling brave.

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  • http://google SMH

    The skank shoulda had a v8.

  • team nymphis

    what should you buy at the grocery store? Hmmmm…kegels.this shxt is hillarious.dude couldn’t even satisfy a snow bird

  • lela

    Its as old as time old trick daddy and his long suffering wife ……something finally humiliate s him so bad he runs home screaming I LOVE MY WIFE & FAMILY! Oh wee at least Gloria didn’t have to claim his remains or find out he was cremated because he was killedthe chasing crack hoes. Bet $50 they all got a million dollars to talk! Tricking hoes you know your as trifling as him…lol. Glad she didn’t have to sign up for food stamps. Nice job Cain!

  • lela

    Thank goodness she didn’t have to sign up for food STAMPS!

  • joe

    9-9-9 (creepy smile) lol

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