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The flyest presidential couple ever to grace the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama, went out last night in Chicago for dinner.

Before you peep the pics below, check out a few Liveteez’s 8 Steps Black People Must Follow Under President Obama:

2. As “Black People,” we can no longer say that we do not know a family like the Huxtables, now we will say “I know one better, they live in the White House.”

3. “Black People” cannot abuse these four words, ‘My President is Black’. Which means do not pull into McDonald’s drive-thru and tell the person at the window, “I can have it my way, because ‘My President is Black.'” Drive across the street to Burger King.

5. Fellas, do not shoot up your whole ‘hood’, then expect “Black People” to stand behind you. That’s just plain ol’ stupidity and we won’t have any excuses for your black behind.

6. Ladies, be responsible for your actions and don’t allow yourselves to get pregnant by a no-good dude, then name the baby Obama-ichelle, and think that it’s okay. “Black People” and the Department of Family and Children Services will still look at you the same.

Hit up Livesteez for the rest of the steps.


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