Prepare To Freak Out: NASA Has Found A Planet That Probably Has Life On It

- By Bossip Staff

Aliens! We’ve found aliens!

A new planet detected orbiting a star 600 light years away could have continents, oceans and life, it was revealed today.

The planet, Kepler-22b, is about twice the size of Earth and may have a surface temperature of around 22C – similar to a warm spring day in the UK.

It is the first so-called “super-Earth” known to lie within the “habitable” zone of a Sun-like star.

Dubbed the “Goldilocks zone”, this is the orbital band where temperatures are just right to allow the existence of surface liquid water.

This means the planet could have continents and oceans just like the Earth. And where there is liquid water, there could also be life.

Scientists believe Kepler-22b may not only be habitable, but possibly even inhabited.

“This discovery supports the growing belief that we live in a universe crowded with life,” said Dr Alan Boss, from the Carnegie Institution in Washington DC, who helped identify the planet from data obtained by the Kepler space telescope.

So there may already be another planet with life on it?! Time to get your tin hats and ray guns ready? Probably not, since they’re hundreds of light years away. It’ll probably be a loooong time before we get any more contact with the planet. But in the meantime, this is pretty freaky info.


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