EXCLUSIVE: Robin Thicke (@RobinThicke) Gets Candid About His New Album, Adding To His Family, And Paula Patton Dancing In Lingerie

- By Bossip Staff

There aren’t a whole lot of genuinely good and honest people in Hollyweird and the Entertainment Industry. Which is just one of the many reasons why Robin Thicke is such a rare breed.

Whether he’s signing autographs outside of a venue, despite being visibly exhausted after a super-energetic set, or chatting with BOSSIP and his over 150,000 followers on Twitter, Robin Thicke is genuine and honest. When he tells us that he fights a constant internal battle to believe in himself or that his wife, the gorgeous and equally talented Paula Patton, is his best friend, we don’t doubt it for a second. And maybe that’s because, on the flip side, he has no problem telling us what song his son was conceived to and which of the 17 tracks on his latest album “Love After War” is the one his wife likes to make love to.

In midst of all of the “day-of-release” activities he had planned around “Love After War” today, Robin took the time to chat with us via Twitter about his music, his family and the woman he “wouldn’t trade for all the women in the world.”

Flip through the pages below and peep the tweets.

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    He can’t sing to me at all when does he ever sing a note that the average person that’s not even a real singer can’t hit and if he only has 150,000 followers then that’s a shame people that aren’t even famous have that and everyone that’s following you is not a fan is that’s bad but I’m not hating for real in just stating b/c it does sound like I am but I’m not .

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